A film by Paul Russell
Genres: Short | Comedy
Taglines: A finicky man takes things to extremes when fighting cats keep him awake
Currently enjoying a short circuit of international film festivals, this hilarious short features up and coming Malaysian standup comic, Keren Bala Devan. 

Cheshm aabi (2014)

Genres: Short | Drama
A film by Amir Masoud Soheili
A boy with unusual color blindness causes his parents shame when he accidentally kills some village livestock, so his parents seek medical treatment for the boy, and when hospital doctors cannot help, They take him to a local Shaman for a remedy...

Luces (2017)

Genres: Drama | Musical 
In 1984, Pablo, a young promising dancer falls in love with Luz, also a dancer. Unbeknownst, he will travel in time 16 years into the future, where he will discover a terrible truth.


Genres: Drama | Musical | Romance | Thriller

A film by Shailik Bhaumik

DASEIN is a Metamodern, Experimental, Polyphonic film. It tells the story of a young painter Aniket Chatterjee, who commits suicide by taking sleeping pills. When he slowly approaches towards death, standing at the boundary of life and death, what comes to his mind, what he realizes, this film is all about that. It is a voyage from one's consciousness to sub consciousness and at times the boundary becomes blurring.

Crime Confidential

Genres: Short, Action, Crime
A film by Julian Lim
A detective's true decision-making is tested when the ones dear to him are victimised by a traitor of his own department.
Director: Julian Lim
Writers: Julian Lim, Qihbad Muhammad (co-writer)