Anexperimentalviralvlog: The Movie Remix

This video art project started approximately one year ago in my YouTube channel and was based on the concept of producing a vlog on a weekly basis as a video-performance with an experimental post-production work. This video is a unique editing remix made with that material, aimed to be screened outside social media. It has an hybrid pace, between an installation and a single channel video.

Language: English

Country: Portugal

Runtime: 00:21:20

Genre: Short


Categories: Feature 
Language: Portuguese 
Country: Brazil 
Runtime: 01:28:00
Genre: Drama, Sci Fi, Thriller 


China's 3Dreams

Categories: Documentary, Documentary Feature (Online link), Foreign Language Feature (Online link)
Language: Chinese 
Country: China 
Runtime: 01:24.04
Genre: Asian, Avant-garde, Culture Documentary, Education, Found Footage, 
History, Human rights, Independent, Independent Film, Philosophical, 
Poetry, Politics, Psychological, Social Issues, World Cinema