Black Mud

Categories: Narrative Feature
Language: English
Country: Canada
Runtime: 1:37:00
Genre: Action, Thriller, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Family, Philosophical

Dream Arabesque

Directors: Bruce Nicholson
Writers: Producers: Bruce Nicholson
Cast: Casey Lee Thorne
Produced by: Bruce Nicholson
Music by: Miranda Arana Steve Vanlandingham
Cinematography by: Ray Gilberti Bruce Nicholson

Celebration (2018)

Director: Elif Sozen
Writer: Elif Sozen
Producers: Mesut Tasasız
Genres: Short 
Osman Iskender Bayer -    Grandfather
Kendi Cicek Atak     -    Leyla
Yasemin Cuhadar      -    Mother
Ulukan Ozpolat       -    Father

A Vipassana Musical (2018)

Director: Ida-Nathalie Hildén

Music by: Ida-Nathalie Hildén
Documentary, Experimental, StudentDocumentary, Feature (Online link), Music Feature (Online link, Student film (Online link), Song and Music (Online link)


A girl from Sweden travels to Mongolia to live with a family in the mountains, they can not speak a word with each other but shall take care of 400 goats and sheep together.

The Revolution of Tokyo Saba Girls

Director: Yusaku Fushimi
Writer: Yusaku Fushimi
Genres: Drama
This is the film about a middle age woman who works hard and gets nothing in Tokyo. Miss Mackerel is one of Tokyo Saba girls who are cold but lonely. She meets some guys, and they behave not so good for her. At last, she has an item with a man who works in the same cafe for a part time job. When she gets a proposal by him in the day of her grandmother's funeral, she says "No" to him. But...