The Embrace

Language: German with English subtitles
Runtime: 00:14:54

Synopsis: Mother daughter conflict after death of husband/father on the Baltic island staring Renate kroessner, Marie Ernestine Worch and Gerd Silberbauer














Golden Bream

Categories: Short 
Language: Russian 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Runtime: 24 min

Synopsis: Young “secular nun” Elena goes on pilgrimage to holy places of Russia in the hope of healing her mental disorder. Feeling her Guardian-Angel’s invisible protection, the girl enjoys her fascinating journey which is smooth sailing, without any difficulties, troubles, and woes. However having found herself in mystical cold Petersburg, at the eve of Christmas, Elena encountered a chain of mysterious events.

Director: Yuriy Konopkin


Categories: Short
Language: English
Runtime: 5:09 


A girl wants to go out with her jerk-of-a-boyfriend, but he only wants something to eat, so she orders a pizza. She encounters a pizza boy who is attracted to her.

Anexperimentalviralvlog: The Movie Remix

This video art project started approximately one year ago in my YouTube channel and was based on the concept of producing a vlog on a weekly basis as a video-performance with an experimental post-production work. This video is a unique editing remix made with that material, aimed to be screened outside social media. It has an hybrid pace, between an installation and a single channel video.

Language: English

Country: Portugal

Runtime: 00:21:20

Genre: Short