Meet The Kids (script)

Genre: Family comedy

Film language: English

Duration: 104 pages – 104 minutes



Faced with the risk to lose his children a sworn bachelor searches for a brave enough mother for his daredevil daughters.
GARTH, the father of, MAGGIE, CHARLIE, and RUBY would prefer to have all his teeth removed without anesthesia than to go on another date again, however, when Maggie gets in the line of fire of a DFCS official, he realizes that he might lose his daughters and gets interested in captivating SANIA from India.
Garth realizes that much has changed in the past as he meets the women of the 21st century. As if that was not enough, Ruby and Charlie have their own private wars. The official from the DFCS visits them, is by that welcomed by Ruby in the good old Native American way. Garth realizes he must act and asks Sania’s grandma to babysit his daughters. Charlie’s idea to bring home a surprise (COLD FEET) to scare with it her the nanny backfires, as the nanny and Cold feet become best friends. On his dates, Garth crashes from one apocalypse into another. Even if he manages to get his date back home, there is always Ruby, Charlie or their nanny, who make sure their visitors never-ever dare to show up on their doorsteps again.
Garth does his best to prepare his daughters for the DFCS final visit, even asks Sania to play his date to impress the official. However, the official already made her decision. At the last minute, Ruby proves why she is the most innovative in the family. Her ingenuity restrains the official and saves the family. Garth even finds his courage to ask Sania to become their regular babysitter and by that, the woman he searched for him and his daughters all this time.
Narrative Feature