Tara - The Journey of Love & Passion

Categories: Feature 
Language: Hindi 
Country: India 
Runtime: 01:45:00
Merely a few hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the fanatically fast paced Mumbai city lies the deceptively sleepy village of Tanda. A village girl Tara seems to be content with her confined life, very much in love with her liquor maker husband. But, when the beautiful protagonist’s seemingly mundane existence parts ways to reveal the unspoken realities of exploitation and darkness enveloping the village, she leads the villagers in their quest for survival, only to realise that she is up against something she may not be prepared to fight against prejudice. The young woman who bravely stood up for the whole community finds herself cruelly alienated in her most vulnerable moment.
Ultimately, after a series of gut wrenching experiences, she has to make a choice... Based on disturbingly common realities of Indian villages, this powerful story of self-discovery transcends the original theme of tribal strife to raise a universal question—can you always choose freedom & self-respect over social acceptance? The journey of the extraordinary woman Tara in very difficult situations reveals the story of love and passion and how she deals with same.
Information for the audience: 
Directors: Kumar Raj
Writers: Dr.Prof.Kishan Pawar
Producers: Kumar Raj, Sonam Raney
Key cast: Rekha Rana (Tara) , Rohan Shroff (Baldev) , Ashish Saleem (Kisna), Sapna P Choubisa (Summi), Brijesh K. Kori (Bhiva)
Screenings / Awards: 
International Film & Entertainment Festival Australia ( IFEFA Sydney)
Sydney , Australia
November 17, 2014
Bipasha Basu,Zarine Khan,Neha Sharma,Aftab Shivdasani,Gulshan Grover,Asha Sachdev,Vipin Sharma,Prakash Raj,Esha Gupta,Rekha Rana,Olga Assabgy
Best actress
Information for theatres: 
student project: No
completion date: 2014-07-12
shooting format: Digital
aspect ratio: 16:9
film color: Color
first-time filmmaker: No


Narrative Feature