Genres: Documentary

Synopsis: This self contained 9.5 minute film may also be regarded as part of a broader scope project in progress. The protagonist, Harry Shindler is one of the most inspiring people I ever met. He served in World War Two for seven years and lived through both the North African campaign and liberation of Italy. His unswerving commitment to peace, unity, cooperation, and democracy strikes me as extremely counter trend in this day and age where arrogance, intransigence, and isolationism are common among nations and political leaders. He struck me as a compassionate, immensely wise, proactive, and dedicated "young at heart" man who spends his life pursuing worthy causes and warning this and future generations about the dangers of nationalism and reaction. Most of my films start with an inspiring character or real life person, and when I first met Mr. Shindler at the commencement exercises of The American University of Rome where he was awarded a honoris cause degree I knew I wanted to work with him. Meeting Harry has driven many major issues home and for this I'll be forever grateful to him. This extraordinary experience has triggered in me a desire to expand on this project so it would encompass more wars, places, and soldiers. Funding is as always an issue which I am in the process of addressing and hopefully resolving soon but this project will be continued come what may.


Tony Villani
Tony Villani
Tony Villani
Harry Shindler


Narrative Feature