... and the Rest is History

Categories:  Feature 
Language:  German 
Country:  Austria,  Germany,  New Zealand,  United States 
Runtime: 01:28:00
Genre:  Comedy,  Crime,  Drama 

Two shady guys in dark suits. A mysterious girl out of nowhere. A gloomy figure in a parking garage. All of them looking for the same thing, a black folder from New York. And all of them seem to think that it’s Tim who can lead them to it and help them understand its contents.
For a few days Tim thought, his girlfriend leaving him would be the most drastic event in his life for a while. But all of the sudden he has to discover, there is something very strange going on around him and he better figure out what it is. Does he maybe know more than he thinks?
Information for the audience: 
Director: Niko Kühnel
Writer: Niko Kühnel
Producers: Niko Kühnel, Cornelius Kern
Key cast: Michael Kinzer, Ulrich Jungblut, Heike Zwetz, Isabelle Stolzenburg, Marcus Ewald, James C. Stewart
Screenings / Awards: 
NYC Independent Film Festival, New York, NY, USA,October 2015
FILMZ, Mainz, Germany, November 2015
Miami Independent Film Festival, Miami, FL, USA, November 2015
- winner best feature film, Nov. Edition -
Kiwi International Film Festival, New Zealand, December 2015 
The Indie Fest La Jolla, CA, USA, February 2016 
Berlin Independent Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, February 2016
Submission Status: 
Selected to III Singapore World International Film Festival®: April 8-9, 2016
English subtitle: 
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Narrative Feature
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