Unknown Land

Categories: Feature 
Language: Arabic, English 
Runtime: 1:18:00
Genre: Esoteric Drama 

The Arab Spring, Yemen 2011. The revolution continues. It’s the monsoon season and life goes on smoothly for the inhabitants of Socotra Island.
Not far from land, a sailing boat bearing an Israeli flag sinks and the search for survivors begins. A castaway is washed ashore a secluded beach.
On the other side of the island, a native dreams of the castaway seeking his help.
Τhis adventure begins through the castaway’s body, a man who in the sinking of his life sees for the first time a chance to know gratefulness, to be reborn.
Will he overthrow destiny? Will he get back alive?
Information for the audience: 
Genre: Spiritual – Political Drama
Countries: Greece / Cyprus / Yemen
Year: 2012
Filming Locations: Yemen / Israel
Starring: Manos Kokoromitis / Shaiya Salem / Daniel Plackett
Production Design: Stefanos Katselis
Sound Design: Sotiris Laskaris
Editor & Music Composer: Chris Bailar
Cinematographer: Jim Roth
Executive Producer: Babis Bizas
Producers: Manos Kokoromitis / Katia Pantazi
Written & Directed by: Manuel de Coco
Screenings / Awards: 
2012 New Horizon International Independent Filmmakers' Festival
Winner - Best Feature Film Award "A world towards sustained justice"
2012 Baghdad International Film Festival 
Nominated – First Prize
2012 Cairo International Film Festival 
Nominated - Tahrir Square Prize
2012 Delhi International Film Festival 
Nominated - Best Feature Film Award
2013 International Oriental Film Festival in Geneva /FIFOG
Winner - Supporting Mention for the censorship the film has endured
Nominated - FIFOG d’or
2013 Andrei Tarkovsky "Zerkalo" International Film Festival 
Official Selection "Tarkovsky Context"
2013 Cologne Conference International Film & TV Festival 
Nominated - TV Spielfilm Prize
2013 Petaluma International Film Festival 
Official Selection
2013 Cyprus International Film Festival 
Winner - Best Director Award
Nominated – Best Cinematography
2013 São Paulo International Film Festival 
Official Selection "International Perspective"
2013 Transaharian International Film Festival in Zagora
Nominated - Special Jury Prize
2013 Peloponnesian International Film Festival
Nominated - Best Director
                    - Best Cinematography
                    - Best Music Score
2013 Sofia Middle East & North Africa Region Film Festival
Official Selection
2014 Gothenburg Independent Film Festival
Winner - Best Director Peace Award
Nominated - Best Feature Film Peace Award
                     - Film for Peace Award
2014 Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona - New York City - Paris
Nominated - Best Feature Film  Award
                     - Amnesty International Award
                     - Survival International Award
Narrative Feature
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