Crime Confidential

Genres: Short, Action, Crime
A film by Julian Lim
A detective's true decision-making is tested when the ones dear to him are victimised by a traitor of his own department.
Director: Julian Lim
Writers: Julian Lim, Qihbad Muhammad (co-writer)
Stars: Davide Durbano, Rick van Elk, John Fabry, Valerie Elewaut, Qihbad Muhammad, Kevin Rojas, Veliz Emilio, H. Murrieta, Rene Stoelen, Mariana Gosjan, André Oliveira, Kim Brons, Felix Deramay, Alexandra Ipekdjian, Deciree Chang Erman
Time: 20min
Country: Belgium
Language: English
Filming Locations: USA
Narrative Feature
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