A lifetime Poem

Categories: Documentary Feature 
Language: Chinese Tibetan 
Country: China 
Runtime: 01:34:57

This documentary, full of metaphor, was filmed in one of the most mysterious place in the world------Sichuan Serthar Buddhist Institute of China. Because the government's restriction, this place was not accessible to foreigners. Sonam Darge, a Lama poet born exactly the day after Tsangyang Gyatso, lives here and as a romantic soul, he is fond of composing poems, even fantasizing being reincarnation of Tsangyang Gyatso.Due to the government's suppress.He learned that if something can't speak out,then write poems.With sorrow over death of his cousin and great concern over Tibetan culture, he went to cities to learn Han culture, calligraphy and visual design. However, he was not able to feel sense of belonging to Han society due to press’s rejection to publish his anthology and cold reception from Han. As a result, he resort to illegal publication, and give up communicating with Han,in this way,he found his inner peace.Soon after then, his beloved oldest little sister had the same disease with his cousin had, and Sonam Darge, during her treatment, prayed for her. The miracle happened that his sister fully recovered from the power of modern medicine and his spiritual strength, and he himself regained inspiration for poems from separation and death of beloved ones. The relationship between Chinese and Tibetan were never easy.He writes poems because China has no freedom of speech.His poetry has witnessed the change of the Tibetan area in China.

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Directors: Shiwei Kang Writers: Shiwei Kang Producers: Nan Jia,Xin Wang,Jiayun Ma Key cast: Sonam Darge
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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-05-02 Shooting format: Digital,HD 1080p,RED EPIC Aspect ratio: 16:9 Film color: Black & White and Color First-time filmmaker: Yes
Documentary Feature
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