We Are The Walrus

Categories: Documentary 
Language: English 
Country: United Kingdom 
Runtime: 01:07:00
Genre: Nature 
This film is about my journey to Alaska to see walruses in the wild, and to find out about these magnificent creatures, which are threatened by global warming, and industrial expansion in the Arctic.
Director: Matthew Hynds
Writer: Matthew Hynds
Producer: Matthew Hynds
Key cast: Guy Merculief, Diane Okonek, Stephanie Sell, Chad Jay, Joel Garlich-Miller, Walter James Coppack, Rachel Kanooka
About the filmmaker:
I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012, with a Distinction at MA level for Art & Design. Since then I have worked on a variety of projects, including the filming and editing of a documentary about walruses, currently entered for international film festivals. As well as a film maker I am a writer, painter and photographer. My work is very much based on the natural world, and a desire to celebrate, and preserve it.
Director’s Statement
Through my documentary - WE ARE THE WALRUS - I intend to inspire and educate people about walruses, and about a region of the world that is imperiled by climate change and industrial expansion. I also want to salute the wisdom and kindness of the Native American people that I met, and to acknowledge that we must listen to them, and live more closely in balance with the natural world, if we are to avert disaster.
For more information, please visit http://www.matthewhynds.com
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