Intellect Pictures is a film production, finance, and distribution corporation based in Los Angeles and Toronto, with the focus on creating and delivering meaningful feature-length motion pictures by today's most inventive filmmakers and production companies. Our goal is to provide the film industry with thoughtful and unique content through narrative storytelling. Starting from 2011, the company opened more than 50 representative offices, in the world's biggest cities, to assist in making our filmmakers' movies available for viewing by a global audience. Intellect Pictures determines the marketing strategy for the films, the media by which a film is to be exhibited or made available for viewing, and sets the release dates and coordinates other matters. The films are exhibited directly to the public either through theatrical release and/or via personal home viewing (including DVD-Video, Blu-ray Disc, video-on-demand, download, television, broadcast syndication, etc.). For commercial projects, our film distribution is accompanied by energetic film promotion.
Over the past years, Intellect Pictures has been handling distribution for more than 50 films that it has in it’s catalogue. A list of these films can be found at the following link:
Intellect Pictures is one of the main investors of an independently created film, Black Mud, a coming of age narrative feature story about two orphaned brothers who travel cross country to the Alberta oil sands in search of a new life: http://www.blackmudmovie.com/ 
Alongside the primary focus of film distribution, Intellect Pictures has also been the sponsor and organizer for over 20 international festivals that have been held in cities around the world.
Some of these festivals include:
Cinema New York Film Festival - http://cinemanewyorkcity.com/
German United Film Festival - http://germanunitedfilmfestival.com/
Amsterdam Film Festival Awards - http://amsterdamfilmfestivalawards.com/
Roma Film Awards - http://romefilmawards.com/
Gala Cinema Internazionale - http://galacinemainternazionale.com/
As well as sponsoring and hosting festivals, Intellect Pictures is also a co-founder of the World Film Presentation website. A successful platform where film festivals list, promote and accept submissions to their events from an audience of filmmakers based all over the world.