The Knights Of The Lagoon

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Language: Italian 
Country: Italy 
Runtime: 01:40:00
Genre: Environmental
A human, poetic journey inside the Orbetello lagoon fishing community, using the fishermen’s stories to explore a new way of fishing, a philosophy of food production that cares about quality, the environment and people. A story of tradition and technology, humans and nature, passion and conflicts. Gruff men who can make us chuckle and make us melancholy, men who can laugh at themselves and at their situation, who tell their stories frankly, in all their individual contradictions. Heroes suspended between the destiny of a disappearing world and the romantic, stubborn desire not to give up, to keep alive their story, which is also the story of their families, of their fathers and grandfathers.

Director: walter bencini

Walter Bencini (born 1968 in Montevarchi).


Producer, director and director of photography.

Walter Bencini began working in music, video art and performance in the early 1990s. He began focusing on video techniques, making music videos and documentaries about international and Tuscan artists. 
In 1997 he founded the production company Insekt Multimedia, which makes documentaries and TV series for Italian and international distribution. To date he has made over 40 documentaries, on subjects ranging from art, history and architecture to the landscape, food and social issues. A number of Bencini’s works have received special mentions, recognitions and awards and have been shown at major national and international festivals. 
In 2006, he began working with Slow Food, making documentaries about food communities. His latest productions have been inspired by the development of this connection with Slow Food, which has moved from the purely professional to become a full adherence to the philosophy.
Director’s Statement
I feel it is important to focus on those jobs and lifestyles that have found a harmonious relationship with the earth, air and water. These ways of life are light years ahead of the Western world, which has yet to realize that the real treasure to be discovered and protected is our planet. As I watch the flat-bottomed boats moving over the surface of the lagoon, 
full of nets and fish, their crews at work, I imagine that the Etruscans moved across these waters in much the same way, seeking sustenance. 
At that moment, I understand even more how important it is to preserve, improve and help all of our environment, both marine and terrestrial. In my own small way, the most I can do is attempt to give more visibility to this form of environmentally sustainable development, especially at a moment when we all should be stopping to reflect on exactly what we and our planet need. Today more than ever, in the midst of a full-blown economic crisis, people must have the courage, the intelligence and the desire to start again from square one, 
in an attempt to offer future generations a less-flawed world. 
We are part of nature. It is not somewhere we reach after leaving some safe place of external observation. We are immersed in it and we are part of it, even as we use it. 
If nature does not flourish, neither will we.
Screenings / Awards: 
Berlin International Film Festival 2014 (Kulinary Cinema), Food Film Festival ,Amsterdam 2014 (official selection),Bled Film Festival 2014, Slovenia (official selection), Life Sciences Film Festival 2014, Tutti nello stesso piatto 2014 International Film Festival, italy (Best environmental documentary), Ecologico Film Festival 2014 Italy (official selection), Finalist tapes Silver 2015, italy, Festival Internazionale Cinema di Frontiera 2015 italy, Ariano International Film Festival 2015 Italy (official selection), Awareness Film Festival 2015 Los Angeles (official selection), Indian Cine Film Festival 2015 Mumbai (official selection), Gold Panda Awards 2015 China (Best Photography Nomination), GZDOC 2015 Golden Kapok Award (Semi-final) DOC WINE TRAVEL FOOD 2015 (Best Film of the year), Near Nazareth Festival 2016 (official selection), Russian International Film Festival (official selection), Singapore Word International Film Festival 2015 (official selection), Toronto Word International Film Festival 2015 (official selection), Hong Kong Word International Film Festival 2015 (official selection),
Best Environmental Documentary, Tutti nello stesso piatto International Film Festival 2014 (ITALY)
Best Photography Nomination , Gold Panda Awards 2015 (CHINA)
Best Film of the year,  Doc Wine Travel Food 2015 (ITALY)
Best documentary, Toronto Word International Film Festival 2015 (CANADA)
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student project: No
completion date: 2014-01-01
shooting format: XD CAM HD
aspect ratio: 16:9
film color: Color
first-time filmmaker: No
Documentary Feature